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Improved Kombi Introducer System

Espiner medical launches new & improved Kombi Introducer system for its popular 10mm and new 12mm Master E-Sac range.

Espiner announced the launch of its new, precision engineered, injection moulded, introducer system at its Distributor meeting held to coincide with Medica 2013 in Düsseldorf.

The new and improved design incorporates the following features:

New tactile markers:

  • ‘TOP’on the finger-loop means you can tell by, touch alone, the orientation of the mouth
  • Espiner logo on one side of the valve block to aid orientation.
  • Now embossed on the delivery system;

Better control:

  • Finger loop now locks into to the valve block, giving  you one-handed control of the sac and cannula.
  • New ‘soft feel’ grip strips on the side of the valve block prevent slipping and lets you handle the instrument securely – even with wet gloves.

 Safer and more secure:

  • The blue loop has been replaced with a simple but strong button hole; this is much easier to detach from the finger loop and is more secure.
  • Monofilament drawstring closure.

Stronger and more versatile:

  • We have strengthened the arms of the rod.
  • Since it is a little sturdier, the instrument can now be used to scoop, turn over and snare tissue.

  How these changes benefit you:

  • Superior product.
  • Fully recyclable – disposal costs have been reduced
  • Comprehensively tested to the highest possible safety standards.

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