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Why is the Master E-Sac packed outside the cannula?  Most other products come already loaded.

The Master E-Sac is manufactured from Espiner’s unique coated ripstop nylon fabric. The Master E-Sac is delivered with the fabric outside the cannula to allow a more intense sterilisation. It is a simple step to draw the sac into the cannula before use by pulling on the finger loop.

How can I tell if the mouth of the Master E-sac is the right way up during deployment in a confined space?

The system has two embossments on the finger pull (top) and valve block (logo) these are orientated to enable the user to feel when the mouth of the sac is uppermost. There is also black stitching on the inside top of the sac mouth.

Sometimes the body of the sac gets in the way during deployment; what can I do to avoid this?

Place an adjacent instrument on top of the sac as it begins to leave the cannula. The mouth then deploys over the body of the sac and springs open with nothing in the way. In other situations the handling tab on the bottom of the sac may be held gently and directed to free space while the supported mouth can be moved with ease to capture the specimen.

What is the purpose of the tail of the sac?

Security. With the tail extending through the abdominal wall, the sac can never be lost. Also, there are circumstances when the sac is best deployed through one access port cannula, but better removed through another; it is then a simple matter to take the tail from one port to the other to complete extraction.

I have used other manufacturer’s sacs which have ruptured when I have tried to pull the sac and contents through the access puncture site. Will this happen with E-sacs?

No. Our sacs are made from very strong ripstop nylon and will not burst. If accidentally you make a cut in the material, it will not extend and, with care, extraction can proceed.

After I have captured the gallbladder, how do I remove the rod so I can close the mouth of the sac?

Detach the “Buttonhole” of the tail of the sac from the finger-loop and withdraw the rod; then close the sac by pulling on the monofilament drawstring.

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