We have developed a range of retrieval sacs for the removal of all types of tissue excised in laparoscopic gynaecology

Two small sacs (50 ECO-r and EMP110ECO-r) can be deployed via a 5mm trocar and are suitable for ectopics and small ovaries. Larger tissues are often spherical and the specially shaped 80 WG and 120 WG Master Sacs are ideal for easy capture through a 10mm trocar.

A good example of a sac designed for a particular procedure is the 140 ECO.

A large ovarian cyst was removed through a 12mm port site after being freed using two 5mm instruments through 5mm trocars. The laparoscope was then removed and the sac inserted bottom first through the 12 mm trocar, leaving the long monofilament drawstring extending back through the trocar externally. After replacing the laparoscope, the drawstring was pulled under direct inspection to close the mouth of the sac for final extraction.

Sac size

50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 110


140, 160



Ectopic pregnancy, lymph nodes, ovary, small uterus

Large fibroid, ovarian cyst, uterus

Large ovarian cyst, tumour

Contained morcellation


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  • Automatically opening sac
  • Stronger arms reinforce mouth opening
  • Drawstring ensures full closure
  • Integral tail aids removal of sac
  • Accepts tissue sizes up to large spleen, ovary and kidney
  • Cost effective tissue retrieval system
  • Easy Deployment
  • Mouth or bottom first abdominal entry simplifies sac placement
  • Large open mouth to facilitate tissue capture
  • Secure drawstring closure
  • The original Espiner Sac
  • One piece construction with integral tail
  • Deployed using 5mm instruments
  • No claw forceps required to complete extraction